BK Family: Joe O'Brien

Joe O’Brien is a water enthusiast whose passion for surfing and the ocean has translated into a desire to capture the allure of water through photography and filmmaking. Growing up in the bay area meant weekend trips to surf in Santa Cruz and San Francisco with his dad. 

Currently living: Isla Vista, California

Local surf spot: Deveraux

What kind of car do you drive: 1995 Volvo 940… its as old as I am.

Favorite Blu Kicks?: The boca green 

Name the three things that you cannot live without: My camera, my surfboard, and my French press.

Favorite place to travel to? Anywhere I can. I don’t travel as much as I would like to so whenever I can go to find adventure I’m excited to travel there. I’m sure that I will travel as much as a can once I graduate.

Next Vacation?: I don’t have anything planned, but my top two places to visit are Australia and Ireland.

What is the largest wave you have surfed and where?: 14-16 foot Ocean Beach, SF.

Favorite Mexican restaurant? La Vic’s in my hometown of San Jose. All about the orange sauce.

What do you order at In-N-Out?: Double double with lettuce and tomato only and a chocolate shake.

Check out more of Joe's photos on his website or follow along on his instagram