BK Family: Nate Polta

Nate Polta: Adventurer, Photographer, Storyteller, World Traveller 


Nate aka "Ducky" is a Los Angeles-based adventurer & photographer, by way of St. Louis, Missouri. As a child, Nate travelled across the United States in a camper van with his family, and he hasn't stopped traveling since. Having visited more than 30 countries, you'll rarely find Nate without his Nikon D810. Whether it be squeezing into a chicken bus with 100 locals in Nicaragua, or hiking to the top of a mountain to catch the sunrise, Nate's love of adventure and travel is evident in his photography. Nate's longest backpacking trip spanned 16 months, and his favorite photo captured on that adventure was a picture of a storm rolling in across a lake in Guatemala at sunset. We asked Nate what subject is his favorite to photograph, and his answer? The world. Touche. 


Nickname: Ducky

Currently living: Venice, CA

Favorite subject to photograph: The world

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given: Don’t compare yourself to others

If you could live anywhere where would it be: Space

Next Vacation: Everyday is a vacation, but I'd like to explore more of the Pacific Northwest

Favorite place you've travelled to: Myanmar

Longest backpacking trip: 16 months

Name one thing on your bucket list: Swimming in a pool of water so fresh I can drink it

Name the three things that you cannot live without: family, friends, and my camera

Tell us something that we wouldn't know by looking at you: I have two degrees in business

What person would you like to swap lives with for a day: Jimmy Chin

Who inspires you the most: The people of developing nations. I know a 25 year old lawyer and businesswoman from Cambodia whose parents were both murdered by Pol Pot’s regime in the 90s. She has taken over the responsibility of caring after her remaining family, started 3 business, and supports local orphanages. She’s unreal.

What song do you want to hear before you paddle out/start an adventure: The dirtiest of dirty rap

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: Probably that Katy Perry album from 2007

Most scared you've been while traveling  Being sat at a table with Cambodian Kommandos in the middle of the militarized border zone, with no interpreter.

Favorite Blu Kicks: Chukkas

Place you are dying to go back to: Budapest

Can't live without when you are traveling: a smile

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