Boat Shoes and Blu Kicks


Boat shoes are also known as deck shoes and top siders. Blu Kicks are a unique blend of the old and the new. Now let us compare the traditional boat shoe with the new and unique Blu Kicks. The old school boat shoe was invented back in 1935. They usually come with a canvas or leather exterior and a rubber sole and have laces with two eyes. This design has not been modified much over the past 80 years. While most refer to a boat shoe as just that, it is in the category of what many call a casual shoe. Now fast forward to today, the traditional boat shoe is still the same. Here is fa few different graphics of the soles of some of our mens boat shoes as a new improved casual shoe. 


We set out to improve the old school boat shoe and bring it up to date. We have improved on the traditional casual shoe to feel like a sneaker with a supportive insole. As with any new design there is function and form. We have improved greatly on the function of the shoe to add what you want and remove what you do not. Comfortability is often not thought of when you have a leather shoe, so we went with a cotton canvas. The canvas outer layer is both comfortable yet rigid enough to keep shape. As many like to wear Blu Kicks without socks we decided to add stitched eyelets for extra breathability. Your friends and family will thank us. 

Now that the outer shoe is comfortable we moved on to the insole, the feeling when you walk, jog, run, or just lounge about. This is soft and cushy, as well as removable and has what we call comfort bumps to provide support. How about the sole itself? To keep in mind the old school boat shoe purpose we decided on a non-slip sole which is perfect for pool side and boat decks. Even chasing the little ones around the yard, walking fido to meet his buddies on the weekend, running errands, or skipping out of work early on a beautiful fall day. To recap, the shoe is a comfortable cotton canvas with a non slip sole and a soft cushy insole. Good start, we agree. Now that it is functional what about the look? 

Glad you asked. We have fantastic colors, from solids to patterns. Colors for guys and gals. Take a look at these distinctive colors. 

You may have noticed the graphics on the heel and the corresponding graphics on the bottom of the sole. There is a reason for this. That reason is our giving back program to donate and help protect threatened habitats for fish. We donate for every pair of shoes we sell to help protect these threatened habitats. Our brand was inspired by our love of the environment, so it is important to us that we do our part to help out.

Fantastic colors and imaginative patterns of fish added to each sole and shoe increase their distinctiveness. All while giving back monetarily for every shoe purchased to assist with wildlife preservation make Blu Kicks what they are today.