Shoes for Women

It seems that main stream media wants us to believe that women obsess over shoes. Is there any truth to that? Must everyone have uncomfortable, impractical, high heeled, stone studded shoes? 

The film God Save My Shoes, by director Julie Benasra, “… is a documentary about the relationship between women and shoes.  Set on a quest to decipher—from a psychological, sociological, historical, cultural, and erotic perspective—the fiery emotions that shoes exert on most women.” The Meaning Behind Women’s Obsession With Shoes


$24 Billion worth of Womens Shoes are Sold Every Year
It is true that “women's shoes account for 60 percent of the $40 billion worth of shoes sold in the U.S. each year — men's and kid's purchases aren't even half of that — and many of the shoes women buy are totally impractical and uncomfortable.”  It has been said that many of those shoes are never worn, much like an art collection stays at home.

While there are some outliers that collect shoes, have literally 1,000’s of pairs, many of us just want a fashionable, comfortable and versatile shoe.  We listened to what women want and created shoes for women that can be worn anywhere at anytime.  These can be dressed up or down, and still meet the the intersection of comfortable and fashionable. 


We Created Comfortable, Fashionable and Machine Washable Shoes!
Let’s talk colors, we have color palettes to match any type of mood or look.  From Bali Pink to Baja Orange, Indio Blue and many others.  The bases are covered when it comes to colors.  You may be thinking, but what about the artistic look of the shoe, the diamonds and studs? 

Our brand and the shoe designs was inspired by our love of the environment.  We provide funds to fish related charities for every pair of shoes sold in an effort to support a ban to end shark finning, help protect the coral reef habitat in Hawaii and make a positive impact on the environment.  We are sorry but we do not add diamonds and studs, we find that nature yields a beautiful canvas and we have added the markings of various fish on the heel and sole of the shoe. 

So now that we added color and graphics to our women's shoes we can check the fashion box.  Now let us talk comfort.  We have removable insoles with true arch support. I'm not sure a 8" stiletto heal has true arch support but if you do I will just take your word for it.  Did we mention they are made of canvas and extremely comfortable as well as washable.  They even have a rubber non slip sole.  Can you throw diamond encrusted stiletto heals in the washer and air-dry?  I guess you could, but it is not recommended. 


Are we crazy?
So to recap.  We started with the premise that shoes for women should be fashionable, colorful, a pleasure to look at.  Then we added comfort, breathability and machine washable.  Add to that a comfort insole with arch support, are we crazy? Nope not crazy, just practical, and fashionable.