Welcome to the Workroom

Now it’s real. We’re opening up our doors at 430 Bay street. After a year in our space we’ve decided to give it a go. While we’ve thrown parties here, put pretty pictures on the wall and painted our awning, we’ve always been a little hesitant to give the retail concept the full green light until now. Introducing the workroom...

Our aim with the Workroom is to give you one place that carries our complete selection of shoes and apparel. Come stop by to try on shoes, find the right size, touch our cozy hoodies or just silently buy whatever you want and leave. We’re here and happy to help out.

We also wanted to use the space to show customers a bit of what we’re working on and designing. Check out soon-to-be released styles, new prototypes or anything else we’ve got in the hopper. Think design studio + retail store. We've also added weekend hours, so come by!

Store Hours: Monday - Sunday: 11am - 5pm