Fresh New Kicks

We’ve come up with great updated designs for both guys and girls with our new spring styles. Stripes, florals, solids and even a new metallic addition that we are particularly excited about. But despite their great look, there is more to our slip-ons than what meets the eye.

The non-slip, non-marking soles make the shoes ideal for almost any waterside activity. And our custom built insoles provide an amazing level of arch support and comfort that doesn’t come in your average slip-on. While we may not be planning to run any marathons in our Blu Kicks, we think we’ve really hit on a shoe that can take you the entire way from the airport through the hotel check-in and onto the beach. And we promise that you’ll look better than everyone else who is still in their running shoes.

When we started, our mission was to focus on the fish in the oceans and rivers, and to feature specific fish on the soles of each pair of shoes. With this new season we are expanding the looks to include more patterns and colors that suit the beach palette. The inspirations are completely random, from an old striped chambray shirt to the leather spectator shoe, but still capture that beachy island vibe from our original inspiration.

Check out what we've released for Spring so far, and stay tuned for more fun patterns and prints!