BK Family: Genna Urango

Pro Volleyball player Genna Urango was born and raised in Orange County, California. First introduced to volleyball at the age of 11, Geena had such an impressive high school & club career that she was offered a full-ride scholarship to the University of Southern California. After receiving her BA in Communications and her Master's in Communication Management, Geena continued to compete, this time in beach volleyball. She is currently working in marketing, playing volleyball on the AVP Tour, finding success as a fitness model, and serving as a Blu Kicks Ambassador! 



Currently living: Los Alamitos, California

How were you introduced to volleyball?: I was introduced to the sport in PE in 5th grade and fell in love with the sport immediately. My parents found a local volleyball club, signed me up and the rest is history!


Best part about being a pro volleyball player: Playing outdoors at so many beautiful beaches and locations.


Favorite activity other than volleyball: Traveling and outdoor activities (camping, etc.)! Any free time I have I'm on the road. 

Next vacation: Cayman Islands and and Dominican Republic


Favorite local spot: Huntington Beach, where I grew up playing beach volleyball


Best place you've ever visited: Paris, France and Innsbruck, Austria


Place you'd most like to visit: All over South America


What's your ideal playing hookie day: Head to the dog beach with my pit bull to watch the sunrise, meet up with my friends to play volleyball during the day, grab some dinner at my favorite Lebanese restaurant and then end the evening with my parents relaxing at home.


Favorite Blu Kicks: Navy Chukka


Favorite cocktail: Mojito  


Check out more of Genna's photos on her website or follow along on her instagram



Geena Urango