Will + Victoria

As a joke, we painted the fish’s blue, black and neon pattern on a white canvas slip-on. But, after looking down at the flip-flops most of us were wearing, we agreed: it was a big upgrade. The more we thought about it, that shoe captured the natural beauty of Hawaii and that carefree vacation vibe.

Still, a mother and a son starting a shoe company? We had no idea where to begin. But between us, we had a design and finance background and a lot of passion. From the very beginning, we saw Blu Kicks as a chance to give back to this place we love and to raise awareness of endangered environments and habitats. That’s why we donate $1 for every pair that we sell.

So, what began as a little joke on a family vacation is now a family mission and business. And lately, we’ve been reminiscing about snowy trips to Tahoe and thinking about the perfect post-slope shoe.